Community Support

This is what taking care of our community looks like.

To everyone who has reached out in any way, we say thank you. 
The community’s generosity has helped more than you could ever know.

Stories we want to share

90 Christmas cards sent to residents at UH Rehab & Sr Care

Alexis, age 8, heard about the virus on the news. Knowing how bad it affected the long-term care residents, she had her own idea to write Christmas cards to the residents at United Helpers Rehabilitation and Senior Care. Her mom bought the cards and she wrote each one all by herself. 

88 locally-owned restaurant gift certificates donated to staff

Casella donated $2,000 worth of locally-owned restaurant gift certificates to support employees at UH’s Canton Rehab & Senior Care.

“Thanks for your continued support in these difficult times. Stay safe and healthy, from Casella Waste Services”

two bagged lunches
Donation to purchase food for the staff over the holiday season

To the entire staff of United Helpers, Ogdensburg. Your heroic efforts and individual sacrifices to provide exceptional care to your residents during this difficult time is not going unnoticed. Thank you for being an inspiration to our community!”

Ron (pharmacist, ProAct) and Brandi (pharmacist, Health Direct)

We have always appreciated the support of our friends and neighbors from across the North Country, but what we’ve witnessed over the past few weeks is really quite difficult to put into words. Words can never accurately portray the amount of gratitude we have for each and every one who has offered assistance to us during this time.
Stephen E. Knight
United Helpers, CEO